kitten kitten

Okay, so Warped was amazing. First of all, the Of Mice & Men set was amazing. Just absolutely amazing. After the set I had about two and a half hours until signing, so me and my friend were just wandering around (we already had signing passes). When there was 30 minutes until the signing, we got in line and were fourth! I was so nervous, I was shaking uncontrollably. I got up to the table and Phil signed my CD booklet first; he was a sweetheart. And then Alan signed and high-fived me. Then Tino did. I told him that my dad thought he was a sick drummer. He smiled and said to tell him ‘hi’(: Then When I got to Aaron, I told him that he was amazing at singing and that I’m glad he is in om&m. And I told him happy birthday. He said thank you and that he loved me. Then, I got to Austin. By then I was shaking so much and I was crying.. I asked him to take a picture of himself with my phone because I was shaking too much. He said yes, and took my phone from me. He held it in front of him, and the first thing he said was “wait, where’s the picture taking button thing??” When I told him how to take the picture, he took one. And then he said “Wait, one more!”. And he took another. Then he got Aaron in the picture. Then he said “Wait, one more, pleaaaseee?” And I said of course, so he took another. (The last picture is one my friend took of him taking pictures with my phone). And he kept taking more and more. It was perfect.. <3 I could barely speak. Right after he signed my booklet he stood up and hugged me and told me that it was going to be okay. I gave him a picture that my little brother drew of Squidgy. He was super excited. And then he read the note on the back of it. And he said “Wait, he’s nine!?” When I said yes, he turned to the other band members and started bragging. He was like, “YOU GUYS! He’s in fourth grade! Oh my god this is AWESOME! Tell your brother that he’s awesome!”. It was amazing how genuinely excited he was. I then handed him my letter, and he hugged me again. Then I pulled out a pillowcase that I made for him. At first he said that it was supposed to be a quick signing and he was only supposed to sign one thing; but then I told him it was a present. Right then he got excited. I started unfolding it, and he got so excited. As soon as he realized it was a Star Wars pillowcase he was so excited. And then I flipped it over; and he saw that I had written his name & Squidgy on it with fabric paint. Right then he flipped out. He was like a little kid on Christmas. He was so excited. He was like, “OH MY GOD THIS IS AMAZING I LOVE IT. THANK YOU SO MUCH. YOU GUYS LOOK AT WHAT SHE GOT ME. OH MY GOOODDDD!!! THANK YOU SO SO SO MUCH!”. And he was bragging that he got a Star Wars pillowcase with his name on it c:. Then he hugged me yet again. I guess Aaron said “We’re gonna have to get a pillow for that”, but I wasn’t paying too much attention. He signed a poster for me and wrote me a little note. When he realized that I was still crying he hugged me and let me cry on his shoulder, and he told me to stop because he loved me. I had explained to him what he helped me through; and he genuinely cared. He hugged me and told me I’d be fine, and just comforted me. I told him that i know that his mother is proud of him, and he just hugged me tighter and whispered “well I’M proud of YOU”. I just broke down. It’s crazy to me, being able to meet my hero, my SAVIOUR, and for him to care more than anyone ever has. It was surreal. I’m just scared that I’ll wake up one day, and it was all just a dream. I was so amazed.. I had been so nervous that I would be that one exception and I wouldn’t get to have an amazing “Austin Carlile Story.” But it was the best moment of my life.. I just wish I could go back. He is truly the most caring, sweetest guy I have met. <3

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